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Xxxtentacion autopsy photos of King von autopsy, viral on social media

Now that XXXTENTACION’s murder trial has begun, a fan has talked about why he took a picture of the dead rapper after he was shot and put it on social media.

On February 14, the sixth day of XXXTENTACION’s murder trial, a fan named Scott Barbieux was asked to explain why he took a picture of the dead rapper after he was shot. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

xxxtentacion autopsy report

During his testimony, Barbieux told prosecutor Pascale Achille that he took the picture because he greatly liked XXXTENTACION. But investigators on the scene immediately grabbed his phone after the photo was taken. “Do you remember how Mr. Onfroy sat in his car after being shot and used his phone to take a picture of himself?” Achille asked Barbieux.

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Barbieux said, “Because I like him so much, I wanted a picture of him, so I could always remember him.” Before the incident, Babier said he had run into the rapper Hope while leaving the motorcycle shop, but when he asked Hope for a picture, Hope said no.

“Hey, X asked me to take a picture, but he just ignored me and got in his car,” Barbieux said in court. “He didn’t feel well. He was talking about how quickly the rapper left. “You could tell by how he walked out the door,” he said.

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Later, when the defense asked Barbieux questions, he said he looked at the rapper’s body and saw that he was dead. Mauricio Padilla, who was working for security, then asked Barbieux if he had been paid for the photo.

Barbieux said, “No.” Michael Boatwright, Derry Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are accused of killing and robbing XXXTENTACION outside RIVA Motorsports in South Florida.

Boatwright is charged with killing XXXTENTACION by shooting him. Robert Allen was also there when someone was shot and killed. He admitted guilt in August last year and is now testifying against his co-defendant for a shorter sentence.

Allen pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of second-degree murder and armed larceny. “Co-accused witnesses,” said Jim Lewis, Allen’s attorney. Also Read – ScarletVas Photos and Videos Gone Viral on Social Media

The state has contemplated using Mr. Allen as a witness in the case, despite the fact that he has not been as significant as the other three.

If found guilty, the three people on trial face life in prison. Authorities think that Boatwright was the person who shot and killed XXXTENTACION on June 18, 2018, during a gun-based robbery. They took the $50,000 X had just taken out of the bank and put it in her Louis Vuitton bag.


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