Privacy Policy

Our website address is:
When you leave a remark on our website, both your IP address and the user agent string of your browser are logged. We need this data to check that you are not a spammer, keep the website secure, and learn more about how you use it. Additionally, if you upload a profile photo, we also save your email address.

Images can be uploaded to the website, but make careful to take out any identifying information about their location. People can identify where a photo was taken if you provide the location details.

Additionally, on our website, you can provide us your name and email address. This is done for your convenience so that you won’t have to enter this data again at a later time. A cookie will be used to store these specifics. A website can store a little file called a cookie on your computer. No personally identifiable information is contained in this cookie, which enables the website to remember you. Every time you post a comment on our website, your name and email address will be recorded in a cookie.
You won’t have to enter this information again later thanks to this ease. The cookies will be shelf-stable for a year.

We store cookies on your computer when you log in to remember your login details and screen customization. Screen option cookies last for a year, whereas authentication cookies only last for two days. You can use the same login details for the following two weeks if “Remember Me” is checked. The cookies used for authentication are removed when you sign out of your account.
Your browser will store an extra cookie if you update or submit an article. This cookie displays the post ID of the article you just updated rather than any personally identifiable information. It is only right for one day.

Who do we share your data with?
Your IP address will be included in the email with instructions if you need to reset your password.
How long do we keep your data?

If you post a comment, the comment and related information are kept forever. This prevents following comments from being held in a moderation queue and allows them to be read and approved automatically.

Customers’ personal information is also saved in a “customer profile” if they register with our website (if they choose to do so). Users are always free to read, modify, or remove their private information, but they are unable to change their username. These details are also viewable and editable by website administrators.

We store the data you supply on our servers. On computers that we rent, we could also keep your data. We provide information about you to our staff members and anybody else who supports our company operations. They could also let our affiliate businesses know about you. We can share any information about you that the government asks.

What can you do with your knowledge?

Let’s say you have a user account or have left comments on this page. In that instance, you have the option of requesting a file comprising all the personal data we now possess about you, including any data you may have supplied. This excludes information that must be preserved for administrative, legal, or security reasons. You may also ask us to remove any data we may hold about you.

Where do we send your data?
Using a program that scans visitor comments for spam and abuse, you can review them.