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Watch: Nigerian AI Girl, Amadou Elizabeth Aminata Video Viral On Social Media

In the age of social media, anyone has the potential to go ubiquitous. Student at Ambrose Ali University in Nigeria, Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, has been dubbed “the AI female” following a series of TikTok videos that feature her synthetic persona.

Gaining the attention of audiences across the nation, Aminata’s unique persona has garnered her over 300,000 followers and continues to expand. Aminata developed her AI female persona while attending college.

It has been crucial for her to gain the respect of her expanding fan base that she maintains her individuality when responding to inquiries or recounting her day. The analogy drawn between her irrational persona and Tony Stark’s AI assistant JARVIS is established by her admirers, who refer to her as “Jadro Liita.”

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The proficiency that admirers attribute to the actress in the performance is validated by remarks such as “this woman is skilled” and predictions that “Jarvis will soon appear in Hollywood films.” Over the years, Aminata’s TikTok following expanded at a rapid rate. She possessed over 300,000 followers operating across Nigeria as of the start of 2024.

Capitalising on the peril, Aminata escalated the volume of content she published on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

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She interacts with her followers on a daily basis and yields to her robot persona when she provides genuine responses to their queries and comments.

Her sustained interest from her intended audience can be attributed to the fact that she maintains her individuality while remaining steadfast in her commitment and integrity. Aminata has garnered an exceptionally positive response for her written material.

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