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Watch: Video Viral, a Teen Girl Put in Chokehold by Rainton Arena Security

A shocking thing that happened at the Rainton Arena in Houghton le Spring, Sunderland, has shocked everyone and made a lot of people angry. A video that is making the rounds on social media shows a security guard putting a young girl in a chokehold and forcing her to leave the building. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Rainton Arena Incident

This piece talks about what happened, condemns what the security guard did, and shows how important it is for the victim and her family to get justice and help right away. The event at the Rainton Arena happened in a way that shocked people there and caused a big fuss online right away.

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Rainton Arena Incident Video The security guard grabbed the young girl by the throat and roughly threw her out of the building. This was caught on video. Many people at the disco saw the upsetting scenes, which show a shocking abuse of power and a total lack of care for the teenager’s safety.

Rainton Arena Incident Viral Video The thing that happened at the Rainton Arena needs to be looked into carefully by the right people. As people shared the video on different social media sites, it quickly went viral and caused a wave of anger in the community and beyond.

People who cared about the victim were shocked and couldn’t believe what they saw. They shared the video to make more people aware of what happened and to demand justice for the victim. Users asked the police, including the Northumbria Police, to look into the situation fully and hold the security guard responsible for what he did.

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A teenage girl was choked. Security for the Rainton Arena In light of this upsetting event, it is important to show the victim and her family support and unity. The young girl’s traumatic experience calls for a kind and understanding response from the society.

It is important to give the victim a safe place to tell her story, so she feels heard and supported while the investigation is going on.

It is very important that the Northumbria Police deal with this quickly and punish the security guard in the right way. In the movie, you can see a security guard doing things that are wrong and a serious violation of human rights.

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Physical force and violence should never be used to settle disagreements or get people to leave a place. This kind of behavior not only puts the victim’s safety at risk, but it also makes people less likely to trust security staff.

The legal system must make sure that the victim gets the help and security she deserves and that justice is done.


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