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Watch: Losliya Mariyanesan Video Goes Viral on Scandal and Controversy

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Losliya Mariyanesan

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Who is Losliya Mariyanesan?

Losliya Mariyanesan, popularly known simply as Losliya, is a Sri Lankan actress and television host. Mariyanesan was born in Sri Lanka. After competing in the 2019 third season of “Bigg Boss Tamil” in Tamil, she rose to prominence as a result of her participation.

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According to a number of different media publications, a personal video of Losliya that was shot in an intimate setting recently gained widespread attention online and went viral.

One of the contestants on Big Boss Tamil3, Losliya, was the subject of discussion as a result of a video that had purportedly been shared publicly on the internet.

A significant number of scandals and disputes have been brought up in connection with Losliya. When Losilya and Shivani Narayanan first began posting videos on their social media sites to promote online gambling, there was a suspicion that her footage had been made public without her permission.

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Her interactions with her other housemates, as well as her connection with one of the other participants, Kavin, brought a lot of attention to her and helped her become more well-known.


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