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Zoi Hashmi’s images, and viral video on Social Media

Zoi Hashmi a well-known Pakistani Tik Toker, model, and social media influencer. She began her career as a model and social media celebrity. After viewing her Reels and Tiktok movies on social media, many individuals started to follow her.

Who is Hashmi Zoi?

Zoi Hashmi was born in Peshawar on 12 May 1997. In 2022, she will reach the age of 25. She is a native of Pakistan.

Who blogs about fashion and lifestyle and is a TikTok and Instagram celebrity. Her adorable smile and seductive appearance have gained her many admirers. Zoi Hashmi particularly enjoys blogging, traveling, dancing, and performing. She is dedicated to her career. Follow our website, Viralstimes, for the most recent information!!!!

Zoi Hashmi has collaborated with numerous renowned and prominent firms. Additionally, she advertised cosmetics from several firms. Her fans and followers adore her because she creates educated, original content.

She participated in numerous activities outside of school, and she was raised in Peshawar. During school, she participated in multiple performances at various periods. She chose to submit her application for graduation after performing well in school. As a college student, she developed an interest in acting and modeling.

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She began creating Tik Tok videos, which immediately garnered significant attention. She quickly gained popularity on numerous social media platforms. She is one of the social media users with the most followers. She currently works as a content developer and social media influencer for YouTube.

Recently, a viral video was uploaded to the Internet and widely distributed. Users claim that the video is why it is so popular on the Internet. The model still needs to make an official statement. It resembles another individual with a similar appearance, and no one wants to discuss it.

Zoi Hashmi, a Pakistani TikToker, discussed the Internet-wide r*pe video scandal circulating on TikTok.

In the past, a video of a young TikTok member named Zoi Hashmi being disrespectful became popular online. Before becoming a victim of viral video fraud, the social media star was s%xually assaulted.

Zoya Hashmi, also known as Zoi Hashmi, stated that the terrible incident involving YouTuber Zunaira Maham occurred four years ago. She said, “I no longer care what occurred.” Also Read – Watch video of Blueface fighting at Club Letout in Baltimore viral


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