Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mAh 22.5W Lite debuted with slim profile

A new power bank manufactured by Xiaomi and marketed under Xiaomi Power Bank 10000mAh 22.5W Lite was made available in China. Users can charge several devices simultaneously thanks to the inclusion of a USB Type-C port and two USB Type-A ports. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

The most noteworthy aspects of the accessory are its thin profile (15 millimeters) and light weight (225 grams). Even its sides are curved so they can be held comfortably.

In addition to having a battery capacity of 10000 mAh, the power bank is also compatible with many different fast charging protocols. This enables the battery pack to charge compatible devices at a maximum of 22.5 watts through the USB Type-C port and 12 watts through each USB Type-A port.

In addition to this, the power bank itself may be refueled at a rate of up to 22.5W when using a charger that is compatible with it. Read Also – Samsung producing MacBook Air OLED panels despite Galaxy Book rivalry

Xiaomi Powerbank 10000mAh 22.5W Lite

According to Xiaomi, their new power bank can charge iPhones at a pace of up to 20W, allowing an iPhone 13 to be fully charged in about two hours. Additionally, the power bank can fully charge a Xiaomi 13 in under 1.3 hours when used with the device.

The battery pack is also equipped with intelligent charging technology, which enables it to transition between various charging speeds depending on the device and the situation. This allows it to charge additional devices, such as TWS earbuds, and its internal battery. Read Also – IBM Plans to Grow its Chip Business in Canada

Xiaomi PowerBank 10000mAh 22.5W

The power bank protects its users against various hazards, including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and low-voltage protection, among others, so that they can use it without risk. In addition to that, it features an LED indication located on the upper side. Read Also – Huawei TalkBand B7 With AMOLED, Advanced Heart Health Launched

As for the cost and availability of the accessory, the price is 79 Chinese Yuan, equivalent to about 11 US dollars. The only color option that can be purchased is white, and it can be obtained by shopping at the Xiaomi store in China.


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