Written Episode Update for November 9, 2023 on Imlie

We are also coming back with the written update because we saw that people are searching for information on Imlie online. The event that kicks off today’s episode is when Amrit comes upon Imlie and starts mistreating her. Imlie begs him to let her go, but he refuses.

Amrit has a firm hold on her hand and refuses to let go of it. Amrit is approached by Agastya once he has become aware of his presence. After Amrit had abandoned her, Imlie is seen running away from the scene. Agastya asks, “What is he doing here?” while internally debating whether or not he should give Sonali some space. Amrit walks in the direction of Sonali while asking, “Why not?” Imlie runs into her room with tears in her eyes and quickly locks the door behind her.

Noyonika has the bright idea of taking Agastya out for a picnic in order to help him relax and shake off his apparent excessive anxiety.

The drama begins when Sunita, Chintamani’s wife, accuses Noyonika of having an abortion prior to their marriage and asserts that Agastya is her child. Noyonika denies both of these allegations. Annapurna warns her to be careful about the things that she says. Also Read – WATCH: Fatin Amirah Viral Video On Social Media!!!

Sunita is reassured by Agastya’s statement that children from that place may not be concerned about her daughter because he respects women. According to Sunita, he should have shown some mercy to Noyonika and nevertheless sent the same message to her about herself.

Annapurna addresses Agastya with a request for him to talk. Agastya asserts that he is not the father of Noyonika’s kid and claims that he delayed their wedding after discovering that Noyonika had an abortion just a few days before the ceremony was to take place. Rajni and Annapurna are the ones who are defending Agastya. Noyonika is contemplating putting Agastya in a humiliating situation by making public the divorce documents that he and Imlie signed. Also Read – Watch: Trending Frog Video on Twitter and Other Social Medeia Platforms

The 9th of November, 2023, Imlie

After that, Sunita is responsible for Noyonika’s death. Annapurna confronts Noyonika about keeping them in the dark, and Mr. Johri makes fun of her when she does so. Annapurna is informed by Johri and his husband that Agastya behaved inappropriately with Noyonika when they entered the room. Rajni maintains that Noyonika is erroneous in her assertions.

Sunita is continuing her campaign to smear Noyonika’s reputation. Imlie stands up for Noyonika and argues that while they are criticizing her, they should also find out who Noyonika’s lover is, where he is now, and why he betrayed Noyonika. Also Read – Watch: Aliza Sehar Viral Video On Social Media

Imlie does this because she believes that Noyonika’s lover is also equally responsible for her condition and for putting her into troubles. She wonders why the questions are only directed toward females. According to Daadi, Imlie did not alter the way that she thought; rather, he caused her to think.

She gives Noyonika a hug and tells her that she is sorry that she questioned her without first finding out how she was feeling. Basmati rice from Dawat is supported by Manno, Rajni, Imlie, and Jugnu respectively. Daadi tells Rajni that Imlie has changed her viewpoint regarding the situation.

Imlie comes in and says that she has heard that Sonali is being blamed for the activities of a lady, but that people need to understand that everyone is capable of doing anything that they don’t want to do. Imlie says this as she enters the room. Also Read – What Happened?: Watch Aupa Athletic Video Go Viral On Social Media

They had a conversation about how the woman is seen as a problem and is held responsible for everything, even when it is not their fault. She and Noyonika discuss this.


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