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Kadejah Michelle Brown: Woman K*lled Husband on Facebook Live Stream Video

After being accused of k*lling her husband during a fight, a woman has been arrested or taken into custody. Yes, the lady has been named 28-year-old Kadejah Michelle Brown from Lowndes County, Mississippi.

She is accused of k*lling her husband while they are arguing about something. Reports say that when the video of the event showed up on social media, it spread like wildfire.

During the Facebook Live lives show, a fight broke out. At the same time, Kadejah Michelle Brown and her husband, also a victim in the case, got into a fight. Stay with us as we tell you about this shocking case that is making news all over the country.

Kadejah Michelle Brown

Police reports say that Kadejah Michelle Brown shot her husband, who has been named Jeremy, as he was leaving their apartment to try to stop a fight between them. Eddie Hawkins, the sheriff, told the reporters that the shooting happened at Greentree Apartments around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. Also Read – Who’s Josiah Leitel? Man Arrested for Hammering Wife to Death!

After this, police got a call about domestic violence at 500 Greentree Drive at about 7:40 a.m. When they got there, they found a man who had been shot once and was already dead. After that, the cops started looking into the area to find out what was happening.

Later, an official said that the victim was Jeremy Brown, who was 28 years old, and confirmed that he was the husband of the person suspected in the case and that they lived in the same apartment. Along with other proof, they found a 9 mm pistol at the crime scene. Also Read – Devar Murrell’s Cause of Death? Musician Devar Murrell died at 44

The sheriff made it clear that Kadejah Michelle Brown and Jeremy Brown had a verbal fight that went physical. The woman broadcaster the last part of the fight on Facebook Live, but only the gunshot sound went live on social media.

Also, sounds from Live streaming showed that there was a sound in the background that sounded like a child crying. Sheriff also said that the couple was said to have a past of violence at home. Also Read – Angela Grier, Young Thug’s sister, has died

Since the story went viral on social media, it made many people angry, and many wanted revenge for the victim. Sarah Gates, a YouTuber, also brought attention to this case by saying that there were children in the flat when the shooting happened and that they were crying.


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