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Who’s Josiah Leitel? Man Arrested for Hammering Wife to Death!

A woman died after a fight with her husband went violent, and it is said that he k*lled her with a hammer while their children slept in the same apartment.

Reports say that police have arrested a guy named Josiah Leitel. Leitel is the woman’s husband, who has been confirmed to be dead. Josiah Leitel and his wife lived together in Haifa, Israel, when this happened. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

What is Josiah Leitel?

Sources say that Josiah Leitel told police that he and his wife, Darya Leitel, who is 31, fought when he got home from work at 5 AM and started drinking at a bar. When his wife tried to stop him, he got angry. He began choking her, then used a hammer to beat her. Also Read – Devar Murrell’s Cause of Death? Musician Devar Murrell died at 44

The couple’s three girls were fast asleep in their rooms, only a few feet away. Since the news was proven on social media, it made the front page of every newspaper and told of a horrible crime. Many people are saying nice things about her.

“I work in a nightclub,” Josiah Leitel said. I got home around 5 AM, sober as a judge. I was sitting and drinking beer. Our daughter woke up, and so did my wife. She got mad at me when she saw me drinking. “Are you drinking again?” she asked. After this, a fight broke out. She shoved me back, and I pressed her back. I wasn’t trying to k*ll her.”

After the alleged attack happened, Leitel called the police and paramedics, and they said Darya was dead on the spot. “When they fought, he would leave the house and move to a different neighborhood,” Darya’s father, Antoine, told the local media. Also Read – Mississippi Woman Shoots Husband on Facebook Live Video

Last week, she was with me, but she didn’t tell me anything was wrong. She always had a smile on her face. I don’t know what went wrong with my kid. She didn’t say anything about violence. She wanted to leave him, and he k*lled her because of it. No, I no longer have a daughter. It’s terrible.” Darya’s husband has been arrested, but it’s not clear what he’s been charged with yet.


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