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WATCH: Who Is Spanish Politician Irene Montero? Her Video Viral on Social Media

Irene Montero, a well-known figure, has been thrust into the limelight as a result of some surprising news. She is, in fact, being spoken about in the news due to the viral video incident. This piece of news has resulted in a great deal of confusion at the present time.

Since the 13th of January 2020, she has been serving as Spain’s Minister of Equality after having accepted the role. Pablo Iglesias is Pablo Iglesias’s partner. Since January of 2016, she has been serving in the capacity of representative for Madrid in the Congress of Deputies. She has a reputation for being an extremely talented and hard-working woman.

Video of Irene Montero Goes Viral

She served as the spokesperson for the Congressional organisation known as Unidos Podemos-En Comn Podem-Galicia en Comn. But this time she is not in the headlines because of the popular video; rather, it is her trending video that is attracting the attention of people.

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People on the internet are showing a lot of interest in the topic of her viral video. Indeed, they are putting in all feasible effort to acquire the film, which has recently emerged as a major talking point in the world.

It is not entirely obvious that Pablo has attempted to locate the film in her memory bank in which a Complutense student encourages people to take part in the general strike that was held in 2010 against the administration of José Luis Rodrguez Zapatero.

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The general strike was held against the administration of José Luis Rodrguez Zapatero. In the video tape, which is linked with the labour union Comisiones Obreras, she can be seen sitting on the grass next to a job agency with a bunch of her friends. Immediately after this, a young man approached her, and she questioned him by inquiring, “Who is he, and what is he doing here?”

The response he gives is that they were given the option of being fired from their work without receiving any salary, and he will receive unemployment benefits for a period of four months. Your focus should now be on the facts presented in the next paragraph.

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In addition, we have provided each other with a wealth of pertinent knowledge regarding the issue, which was essential to acquire. This information regarding her net worth was found in the Official State Gazette, and it went from being worth 6,823 euros to being worth 629,969 euros throughout the course of her life.

If we talk about her net worth now, let us tell you that over the course of her life, it climbed. Since she first began working in politics, she has brought in this amount of money. Still, she is putting in incredible effort and building a reputable name for herself among the people.


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