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Who Was Owner of Cheems? Viral Meme Dog Cheems Balltez Dies at 12

Who was the Cheems owner? Internet dog memes are common. Good morning, readers. Today, we’ll discuss recent news from California, USA, in this article. In the terrible event that “cheems,” a renowned meme dog known for his amusing facial expressions, passed away. To learn the truth about the dog’s owner, keep reading this story.

On August 18, Cheems, a Shiba Inu known for his famous meme appearance, passed away. The lovely dog, affectionately known as “Balltze,” had been battling cancer until it tragically went away during its final thoracentesis procedure. Cheems’ owner shared the tragic news in a poignant Instagram post, revealing that the brave Shiba Inu died peacefully while dozing off.

Who Was The Owner of Cheems?

Cheems quickly and impressively went from being a typical Shiba Inu to an online sensation. The formation of the dog’s now-famous meme identity was sparked by a single shot in 2017, according to the dog’s official website. The puppy’s unusual appearance, which was initially noted for resembling cheese, quickly developed into the basis of his meme appeal. Also Read – WATCH: Paige Saraya Video Viral On Social Media

I was lazily leaning against marble steps on September 4, 2017, just like every other day. My mother made the decision to photograph me and post the photos online. “I’m not sure who this guy is, but he seems like Cheese,” a user named Josh on Instagram wrote in response to one of my posts, the website recalls in a first-person account. The article continued, “This signaled the start of my meme notoriety, which ultimately resulted in the formation of my meme identity – Cheems / Cheemsburger. ‘Swole Doge vs. Cheems’ is one of my most well-known meme appearances. Also Read – WATCH: Shuaib Aslam Incident Video on Social Media

As word of Cheems’ departure spreads over the internet, it becomes evident that his influence went far beyond that of a simple meme.

Cheems left behind an enduring legacy that will definitely continue to warm hearts and evoke priceless memories for many years to come. Cheems was a beloved pet who went from being a playful puppy to a global symbol of optimism.


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