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Who is Leonid Volkov? Couple’s Bodies Found in Boston Storage Unit!!

The breaking news report is about two men whose bodies were discovered within the bins of the storage unit. The bins were located in the storage unit. This criminal is a man from Massachusetts who was apprehended. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!!!

A man was supposed to be found to be the killer, according to the accounts. After this terrible accident, people’s interest in this news story increased across all social media. The circumstances behind a person’s passing fascinate most people.

Who is Leonid Volkov?

The report from the authority indicates that Leonid Volkov utilised an H-Haul truck to carry goods from both of the victims’ homes to the location where they were found dead. It is the video. Authorities also discovered footage of the incident. Read Also – Tim Yergeau’s Death, Former Planned Parenthood Director, Suicides

On the video, Leonid Volkov can be seen exiting and entering the victim’s flat. This is where he was captured. On Friday, the authorities were able to locate Lronid’s rented storage facility in Boston! A horrific discovery was made regarding the identity of one of the victims.

The news about a man who had perpetrated an extremely heinous act was coming out of Massachusetts, specifically from Boston.

Leonid Volkov, who is 37 years old, was identified as the culprit in this case. Kiryl Schukin, who was 37 years old, and Pavel Vekshin, who was 28 years old were the two people he murdered. Their dead remains were discovered within the storage bins of Leonid Volkov’s facility. Read Also – Paul Funk’s death? Paul Funk, principal of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High, dies at 51

Following the inquiry conducted by his buddies, both of the victims have been missing since April 9th. Since April 9, neither of the victims has been seen. The office of the District Attorney has stated that accusations of murder have been filed against Leonid Volkov.

Following the conclusion of the inquiry, the bodies of two victims, ages 28 and 37, were discovered within ribber bins. According to the reports, their bodies were dismembered in containers made of rubber. This is extremely upsetting and bad news.

Additionally, officers discovered goods such as rubber gloves, bleach, and other objects alongside their remains. The police believed the things had belonged to the victims of the crime. The New York Post claims that the deaths of Kiryl Schukin and Pavel Vekshin were caused by being stabbed. Read Also – Jacob Stevens? TikTok Challenge Kills Ohio Teen!

The perpetrator of the crime has not yet been identified. At the Somerville District Court on Tuesday, criminal charges will be brought against Leonid Volkov. As a result of the murder of two men, he is facing a multitude of crimes. In addition to that, the investigation is still ongoing. Leonid Volkov has been accused of carrying out the murders of the two men who were found dead.


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