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Who killed Elias O. Baquerovd? Cebu Media broadcaster and journalist died

What the cause of Elias O. Baquerovd’s death?

A veteran journalist and broadcaster from Cebu Media has died: Elias O. Baquerovd, a well-known journalist, died recently. This was reported on the Internet. He is no longer with his friends and family, and he took his last breath on Saturday. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

The news came out recently on the Internet and quickly spread on social media sites. His friends and family are very sad about his sudden death, and many people have been talking about it on social media. People are very interested in Elias O. Baquero and what is happening to him now.

Elias O. Baquero was one of the best people in the media. He was a commentator on the Yagyagan show. He was also well-known as a veteran newsreader in Cebu and the former mayor of Balilihan, Bohol.

He was chosen as the new Press for the Rotary Club of Cebu East. He was a fantastic person whose best work earned him great respect. People will miss him because he was a very kind person who always helped them. Also Read – Beth Mead’s mother, June, died after a long fight with cancer

Who Was Elias O. Baquerovd?

According to the news, veteran broadcast journalist Elias O. Baquerovd, who was well-known, died recently. On Saturday, January 14, 2023, he took his last breath. Aksyon Radyo Cebu confirmed his death this morning on social media sites.

Since his death was reported on the Internet, many people wanted to know what happened to him. So he died because of a heart attack. Also Read – What caused Corinne’s death? Corinne, TikTok star, has died

So far as we know, the news was confirmed by his family. He was found not responding to CR. He was then taken to a hospital in the Visayas, but he could not be saved and was said to be dead. Mr. Elias also used to be the mayor of Balilihan, Bohol.

The DYRC team is sad about his sudden death, and they ask everyone to pray for his family, who has lost someone they loved. Since the news spread on the Internet, many people have used social media to send condolences to his family and pay tribute to him. Also Read – F Model Kristen Olsen is accused of killing her father and daughter, age 10


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