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Who Josh Zarazua aka Panda die? MMA Fighter Josh Zarazua died

Josh Zarazua, a well-known MMA fighter, is said to have died recently. This was reported on the Internet. He came from Louisiana, and everyone knew him as a Panda Puka. He is no longer with his close friends and family, and he took his last breath on Monday.

His death was recently reported on the Internet, and many reactions made headlines as soon as the news spread on social networking sites. Many people want to know more about Panda Puka and how he died. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

Who Was Josh Zarazua, aka Panda, die?

The report says that a Legacy Fighting Alliance member on Facebook has confirmed that Josh Zarazua has died. Josh Zarazua is no longer with us because he died on Monday, January 23, 2023.

Since his death was reported on the Internet, his fans, friends, and other people who knew him have been interested in what happened. According to a post by a mental health advocate named Dominic Villa, MMA fighter Josh Zarazua had been having trouble with his mental health.

Who Was Josh Zarazua?

The report says that Josh Zarazua was a well-known MMA fighter from Louisiana. He was ranked #129th among amateur men’s welterweight fighters in the US Southeast. The first time the fighter showed up was at #LFA134. Also Read – How Did Polo Polo Die? Mexican Comedian Passed Away

He won the fight by making a united effort to keep his best record. Panda was popular in mixed martial arts (MMA) and Central Texas communities. He was adorable and unique, and his best work earned him great respect.

Josh Zarazua was excellent, and his family, friends, and people who cared about him will miss him since the Internet spread the news of his death. Hailey Cowan, a great UFC and LFA fighter talked about his friend Josh Zarazua. Also Read – Pro wrestler Jay Briscoe from Ring of Honor died at the age of 38

Hearing about his death shocked and hurt a lot of people. As we’ve already said, we don’t know what caused his death, but we’re looking into it, and if we find out anything, we’ll tell you soon. A lot of people sent his family their deepest condolences.


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