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Who is Shanquella Robinson Video on Twitter, What Happened With Her?

Shanquella Robinson Shanquella is from the U.S. in the video. She knows how to run a business. Her field is fashion, which she got into because it was her love and where she has made a big mark. She came up with the idea for the dress line for women. Her major is fashion, and she has also helped people with styles like wigs and fabrics. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the latest news!!!!

Who Was Shanquella Robinson? Shanquella Robinson Age Shanquella Robinson: Career Shanquella Robinson: Wikipedia Shanquella Robinson Video What Did Shanquella Robinson Do? Shanquella Robinson Murder How Did Shanquella Robinson Die?

Who Was Shanquella Robinson?

She is also one of the most talked-about people on social media. People are talking about this great person a lot on the internet right now. This piece will tell you why the news about the celebrity is getting so much attention. She came into the world on January 9, 1997. Read Also – Why did Ashley Morrison kill herself? Ashley Morrison, who saved cats, died

When she was killed, she was 25 years old. This is why a lot of people look for news about her on the internet. She takes her first breath of air in North Carolina, in the United States. Her parents, Bernard Robinson and Salamondra Robinson, gave birth to her.

Shanquella Robinson: Career Shanquella was so interested in fashion that she started her own business in the beauty and textiles industry. This talented and driven businesswoman is said to run a number of shops and stores where kids can get their hair braided. She used the names “Exquisite Kids” and “Exquisite Boutique” for her businesses. Read Also – Phoenix Football Player Joyce Morrison Died in Car Accident

Shanquella Robinson: Wikipedia She opened her shops in North Carolina, where she grew up. Specifically, it’s Charlotte. Her drive and sense of self-worth helped her open a successful store. There’s a saying that no one is born with more than one ability, and that it’s up to them to show what they’re interested in. One of these people is Shanquella.

Shanquella Robinson Video She is clear on what she wants. She is one of the most impressive businesswomen of our time. But, sadly, she was killed, and the way she died is still a mystery to this day.

The great and amazing woman was found dead, and alcohol poisoning was said to be the cause of her death. What Did Shanquella Robinson Do? Still, the news about her death and why she died is kept secret. Officers are tightly closing their mouths.

Shanquella, her friend, and 5 other people planned and went on a holiday trip on October 28, 2022. There were 3 guys and 3 women on the crew. The crew moved into a fancy flat that they rented in Mexico.

Shanquella Robinson Murder The next day, on October 29, the whole story came to an end. The group just wanted to go on vacation, but a tragic accident ended up taking Shanquella’s life. The next day, around 2:13 p.m., a doctor named Shanquella from the American Medical Centre wasn’t feeling well. Someone told the doctor that Shanquella drank too much drink.

After looking at her, the doctor told her friends that she needed to go to the hospital right away for help. But her friend asked the doctor to come to her flat to treat her. There, the doctor did her best, but she found Shanquella thirsty, unable to talk, and looking like she was drunk. Read Also – Marikit Laurico Death Reason? Floyd Mayweather’s Personal Assistant Dies

How Did Shanquella Robinson Die?

The doctor chose to give her an IV drop to treat her. Shanquella’s situation got worse, though, when she started having tonic-clonic seizures. It is a disease in which the body stiffens up too much. Then they found her struggling to breathe and her heartbeat falling. After that, they called an ambulance and tried CPR on her 14 times, but it didn’t help. Around 5:57 pm, it was said that she was officially dead. She was ten years old.


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