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Who is Rabi Pirzada? The explanation for the Video’s Going Viral

Rabi Pirzada has once again made news after accusing the victim of an acid attack in which her partner took part of being responsible. Rabi Pirzada allegedly defended her partner without verifying the facts when Arthur’s case came to light. At the time, they were a couple. Rabi Pirzada has made a new Instagram post, which has been reported.

Viral Rabi Pirzada Video

In addition, she makes it abundantly apparent in her post that she regrets the incident that gained online notoriety and extends her sympathies to Arthur’s victim. Rabi Pirzada’s audio message swiftly gained internet-wide popularity and was mentioned once more following the disclosure. Let’s delve deeper into this subject. Model Rabi Pirzada is also a businesswoman and media personality. Early in 2021, she obtained

Rabi Pirzada

Arthur, who has later accused of acid-attacking a woman, was involved in a relationship with her. When the matter became public, a recording of Rabi Pirzada’s voice was shared online and instantly went viral. Now it is discovered that Rabi rejected Arthur’s assistance. Rabi Pirzada said in her article that she was aware of what went viral on the Internet and participated in this phenomenon.

Just Who Is Rabi Pirzada?

She knew that her voice note was being debated online and receiving significant attention. She claims she never intended to express her support for Arthur and now profoundly regrets doing so. According to a post on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram, she was coerced into making the audio recording. She described the threat to her son’s and her own lives.

According to Rabi Pirzada’s post, she was forced and pressured into recording the tape in which she allegedly referred to Arthur’s victim as “just a fat thigh woman” Rabi leveled these charges against the victim, Arthur. In addition, Rabi Pirzada claims that she is mindful that her voice is being used in the message circulating on the Internet.

Explanation Of Rabi Pirzada’s Popular Video

She also expressed remorse for Arthur’s horrible actions and compassion for his victims’ pain and difficulty. According to Rabi Pirzada, Sophie, the victim of Arthur’s acid attack, was an innocent girl. In addition, she stated that she did not consider Sophie to be ugly or unintelligent. Rabi Pirzada’s online audio message included a remark regarding Sophie’s stupidity.

In addition, the unattractive girl to whom Rabi Pirzada wrote said that she was forced to say what she did and never supported her statements. According to Rabi Pirzada, the sentences she stated in the audio message were coerced, and she disagrees with all of her comments. Rabi Pirzada feels that Sophie, Arthur’s victim, was courageous and beautiful for speaking out. In addition, Rabi Pirzada asserts that she was coerced into saying the phrases in the audio recording.

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Rabi continues by stating that she will not go into great depth in this post because of the ongoing legal processes. Moreover, she asserted that the audio was altered and that she was pressured into recording it. The viral audio was coerced, according to Rabi Pirzada, who also says that she had to say what she did to defend her family because she was in danger and faced grave threats.


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