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Who is Peter Hibbert? NYC Man Kills Girlfriend, Sparks 2-Hour SWAT Standoff

In breaking news from Brooklyn, New York, a guy has been arrested for killing his girlfriend with a gun. Peter Hibbert is a person of interest in the death of his girlfriend. He even said he would shoot everyone. This story is getting much attention and becoming popular on social media.

A lot of people are upset about this news. Recently, this story has been on the front page of every news station. A considerable number of people are looking for this news.

Both of them are from Brooklyn, NY. Reports say that the suspect was caught. After the death of his girlfriend, he has a lot of worries. We’ll keep you updated on the same site if you want to know everything about this news.

Peter Hibbert is a name.

Reports say he shot her around 3 a.m. on Sunday in their Brownsville home on East 96th. According to his neighbor, Hibbert told his girlfriend’s daughter that day, “I just killed your mom, and now I’m going to shoot everyone.” After two hours of searching, the New York cops said they found him under their home’s garden.

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He hid in a crawl space under the garden of a Brownsville house. Also, his next-door neighbor said police had pointed guns at their home. I was afraid that the police would shoot us. Also, the name of the neighbor is not stated.

Sources say a 48-year-old man shot and killed his girlfriend in their Brooklyn home and threatened to “shoot everyone in their house.” Police say that he has been charged with murder in connection with the dies of his gf.

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Peter Hibbert, who is 48 years old, is the person who is being charged. He has been under police arrest as of late. Her name was Jacqueline Wilson, and she passed away. He shot his girlfriend in the head, chest, arm, and leg, killing her.

Sources say that their neighbor also told them I called Wilson’s daughter and asked her what was happening in their house. The daughter, who is 29, and her boyfriend said, “The shooter threatened to shoot everyone.

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Wilson was then taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where she died. Also, Wilson and Hibbert have been together for two years. Hibbert is also being charged with having a gun. Wilson had lived in the Brownville house for the past 15 years. Hibberts only went with Wilson when she went places.


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