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Who is Neil Jameson? Founder of Citizens UK Dies

Today, we will tell you the sad news that Neil Jameson, who started Citizens UK, has died. Neil Jameson has died. He was a great legend, a defender of social justice, a community organizer, a supporter of democracy, and the founder of Citizens UK.

In the next post, we’ll discover what happened to Neil Jameson and why he died. Our sources have told us a lot about him, and our team has worked hard and gathered much information about this case. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

What’s Neil Jameson’s name?

This story is getting much attention on all social media and news outlets. This news is all over the news stations and social media sites in a short time. People should pay more attention to this news. People want to know everything they can about what happened. Also Read – Who is Fumio Demura? Karate Legend Fumio Demura Passed Away at 81

Neil Jameson has been the Executive Director and Lead Organiser of Citizens UK for the past twenty years. He was a big part of starting Citizens UK, a place for community organizing, in 1988. He started the East London Citizens Organisation (TELCO) with 47 different civil society institutions, primary schools, faith groups, associations, and volunteer associations as its first members.

Since 1988, Neill was the first community organizer to run a group in Bristol. He was then asked to organize in East London. The event has been talked about all over the world and in the media.

At the time, Neil Jameson’s family hadn’t said what caused his death. God has a plan for us that we may not understand, but he is in a better place now, so may he rest in peace. After hearing this news, I am unfortunate. Also Read – How did Jerome Leedy live? Jerome Leedy, a rugby player for QLD, died

People say nice things about him and pray for him to rest in peace. We are doing everything we can to learn more about the disaster and share the latest information as soon as possible.


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