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Who is Kayes & Komeng? Video Viral on Social Media!

BTS has dominated YouTube’s music charts for years, shattering records and stretching the envelope. However, there are other Korean boy bands generating buzz on the platform. The group TREASURE from YG Entertainment has received much attention for its catchy compositions and high-energy performances. The “BOY” music video by TREASURE recently surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. It is the group’s first video to attain this milestone. Follow for More Updates.

The band’s admirers, known as “Teumes,” commemorated this achievement by making the hashtag #TREASURE BOY 100M trending on social media. “BOY” is a high-energy song with a driving rhythm and an unforgettable chorus.

The song displays the group’s singing and dancing abilities, as well as their youth, charisma, and vitality. In the music video for “BOY,” the members of TREASURE perform in front of various vibrant backgrounds that highlight their personalities and qualities.

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Each individual has a unique style and character, allowing them to stand out while blending in well with the group. Despite being relatively new to the music landscape, TREASURE already has a solid fan base and has accomplished much. “BOY” has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube, and their debut album “The First Step: Chapter One” topped the iTunes rankings in many countries. However, TREASURE is not the only group creating waves in the K-pop scene.

Twelve individuals comprise the ensemble TREASURE. The group is renowned for its powerful vocals, potent dance moves, and the broad range of abilities. Each member contributes something unique to the group, whether it be their rapping ability, vocal range, or stage presence.

Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Mashiho, Jaehouk, Asahi, Yedam, Haruto, Doyoung, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan are the members of TREASURE.

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The Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, is one of the largest and most successful boy bands globally. Seven members make up the group: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Since its inception in 2013, BTS has broken records and pushed the boundaries.

Their music ranges from mental health to social issues, and their performances are renowned for their high intensity and intricate choreography. BTS has also been praised for its inclusiveness and support of the LGBTQ+ community. For more details click here!!!


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