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Who is Factsdawg7? Video Go Viral on Twitter

There are a lot of viral videos on the internet, and many people have become famous because of them. Other people become famous because of what they do online, which is controversial. When people post controversial things online, they get a lot of attention from their audience.

Contentious videos are often uploaded to the Internet to garner a great deal of attention and hostility, while the creator’s material also goes viral. One example of this is Factsdawg7, who became famous online after she posted something that went viral but was also controversial. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Factsdawg7 Video is So Popular

In the video, the woman states that her prospective spouse must have a motorcycle so she may ride behind him, as well as a passport and visa. The woman states that as long as she wishes for something, she will be submissive and not obedient.

She says it does not matter if the individual earns less than she does or does not have enough money; he should have the item mentioned above regardless of his appearance. She states that she cannot cook; thus, he should prepare meals for her.

In addition, the woman states that the male should live without his parents and have a home. She says she is only 23 years old and may be appealing to anyone. The woman continues to be demanding, stating that her spouse should not request her children and that he should also be able to cook.

She also mentions that he should have three months of couple therapy sessions per year. This video quickly gained views. While many people agreed with her, some argued that she is avaricious.

On Thursday, January 5, 2023, a person online with the name Salppicon posted a video in which she asked men to come forward if they had everything she asked for in the video. In the video, the woman says she is looking forward to finding a partner.

She also says that her friend should have a bike or a car, but anything will do so long as her needs are met. In her video, she says that the man should have a bike and that it doesn’t matter if he makes less than her as long as he agrees with her.

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In the video, the girl says that the guy she wants to be with should have a bike so she can ride behind him. She also says that he ought to have a passport and a visa. She said that the person should be able to do dishes and speak multiple languages.

The girl says that she might be cooperative and never compliant if it helps her get what she needs. She also says it doesn’t matter if the person makes much less money than her or can’t pay for it. Regardless of how he looks, he should have the thing she talked about above. She tells him she won’t make dinner, so she needs him to make dinner for her.

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The girl also says that the man shouldn’t live with his parents and should have his own home. She says she is 23 years old and can be attractive to anyone. The girl keeps making calls while telling her boyfriend that he shouldn’t ask for her children and also be able to cook.

She says she has a pretty cool dance move and can do what the man says, but he should have the above. She also says the man should have three months of couple’s therapy each year. People watched this video right away. Even though many people agreed with her, many people who didn’t agree with her said the girl was grabbing.


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