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Who is Cadaver Marbella? Video Viral on Twitter, and Reddit

This week, a video called “Cadaver Marbella” went viral on social media. It showed a dead body floating in the water of a beach. People near the beach called the police to ask what was in the water. Later, the police said that the thing floating in the water was a brutally cut dead body that could not be identified. The condition of the body was both intolerable and unbelievable. For more information, check out Viralstimes!!!!

Who is Cadaver Marbella?

The police started their investigation and said they had found a list of people who had gone missing in the area. But after a complete examination. It turned out that the body found in the water was that of a missing person named Natalia.

Later, the police said that after they found out that Natalia missing, When she died, her head, hands, and stomach were all cut open, which was found in the answers. Also Read – Who is TheDanDangler, Age, Boyfriend, and Viral Video?

Cadaver Marbella Viral Video

This happened in the Marbella area of Spain, and the police later used a DANA test to determine who the person who died was. Stay tuned as we talk about the Marbella video case in more detail. The video was taken on a beach in Marbella, showing a body floating in the water. The video is fascinating to watch because it offers a dead body. Police later confirmed this was not a fake body, as some people had thought.

Police say that the body’s head, hands, and stomach were all cut off. The woman’s abdomen had been cut open, so her organs could be seen. Many people at the beach saw this amazing thing happen. Later, the police said they are looking into the case and would soon know more about the person.

The recording of the body floating in the water. On the other hand, after it was shared online, it went viral on social media.

Before finding out who the body belonged to, the police thought the girl was a drug runner who carried drugs in her body, but the autopsy showed nothing. The police called Natali’s sister, and a DNA test showed that the girl was, in fact, the missing Natali.

Natalie’s family hadn’t heard from her since December 30, 2022, when she was reported missing.


Natalie’s sister told her that Natalie was in a relationship in which she was abused and beaten up. Even though police first thought this was a drug case.

Later, they agreed that Natalie had been abused, just as her sisters said. This past weekend, Natalie came out, and the next day, an investigation into her boyfriend began. Also Read – Heccymar Salerno’s Uncensored Video Viral on Twitter, and Reddit

In this case, the suspect was a relative of Natalie, and the two were later said to be related. In this case, the suspect will be arrested after this week, according to the police, even though the person’s name has not been made public.

It says he found it at his home, where the police later caught him. No more information is given about the case. But since the police are looking into it, the reason for the murder might be found soon.


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