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Who was Erekaa Naomi Dooshima? Lost Benue Varsity Student Found Dead

Erekaa Naomi Dooshima, the missing Benue University student, was reportedly found dead a few days after she went missing. This is sad news. Yes, Erekaa, a BSU student in the 300 level, has been found dead.

According to the sources, the girl was reported missing on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, and since then, people have been urging her to find her out before any mishappening takes place with her. Unfortunately, a horrific incident occurred with Erekaa Naomi Dooshima, and the officials found her dead. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!

Who Was Erekaa Naomi Dooshima?

Affection was the alias of Erekaa Naomi Dooshima, a Mass Communication professional. Allegedly, she was reported missing three days ago, at which point everyone began searching for her. Nonetheless, they were unable to locate her, and she suffered this unfortunate event. Also Read – Shahnawaz Pradhan Death Cause? Shahnawaz Pradhan, 56, Died

From a post by Ukan Kurugh, “This young woman, identified as Erekaa Naomi Dooshima, has been identified as her decomposing remains. Her body was discovered in a fenced-off area behind Bolek Filling State after medical school and is currently being exhumed by members of the Nigeria Police Force in makurdi, Benue State, in response to my yesterday’s post.”

On Tuesday, a Benue activist named Ukan Kurugh made a big deal about where the student was. A verified post from Kurugh said that her ID card, clothes with blood, and phone were all found in the state capital, Markudi. Also Read – Former Detroit Lions Cornerback Stanley Wilson Jr. Dies at 40

Since her death was announced on social media, her friends and family have been paying tribute to and comforting her family member, who is having a hard time. It’s hard to believe she’s gone, leaving her family and friends in a terrible state.

Now that the investigation has started, the police are looking for the people who committed this crime. We still don’t know if this was a suicide or a murder. Also Read – Ronnie Mcnutt Uncensored Gore Video, Cause Of Death, Committed Suicide Full Facebook Livestream!

Police didn’t say much about how she died, but most sources say that she was found dead, which makes it seem like she was killed. Still, no one has been caught yet, but our heads are trying to discover more about what happened. Her friends and family will always miss her.


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