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Wayans Family Patriarch Howell Wayans Dies at 86 : Tribute

Howell Wayans died at the age of 86. He was the head of the Wayans family. His son, the comic Marlon, broke down in a post on social media on Saturday to say that he had died. Howell was born in 1936 and worked as the boss of a grocery store. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the most recent news!!!!

Howell Wayans is the head of the Wayans family

When I was young, I asked my father what he wanted to do when he grew up. The last thing he said was, “I wanted to be a man.” “Not a lawyer?” I enquired further. A doctor? A performer?’ He said ‘just a guy.'”

“I responded by stating, “However, every boy eventually turns into a man.” “That’s not true,” my father stated categorically. My father always taught me that a man takes care of himself as well as the responsibilities he has. He always puts his family first.’ After that, I wanted to be a MAN. Thank you, Pop, for showing all your boys how to be a Man. Also Read – How Did Samantha Vuong Die? West Covina High School Student Dies

Howell’s 10 kids will carry on after he’s gone.

Howell and Elvira had 10 children, all raised in New York City. Other Wayans’ children are Dwayne, Diedra, Keenen Ivory, Damon, Kimberly, Elvira, Nadia, Devonne Chaunté, and Shawn. Howell’s wife died before him. She was 81 years old when she died in July 2020.

Diedra also wrote “My Heart Is Heavy” about her father’s death. I’m grateful to God for giving us many years of love, memories, and wonderful parents. Parents who never gave up on their children. I know I was a bother, but with your tough love, discipline, and dedication, I grew up to be a great woman like you, Momta.” Also Read – Legendary Japanese Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto Dies at 71

“Thank you for what you taught me about God. I’m sure he’ll give us strength and courage when we’re sad. Since Momta left Dad, you’ve repeatedly said you want to be with your girl. The story ends with a lovely love story. She also said, “Back together again.”

During his live show, Marlon Wayans got the news

The 50-year-old comic was in Burbank, California, doing a show when he heard that his father had died. He had two shows at the Flappers club. After the first show, he found out about the accident. Also Read – Famous TikTok Star Ahuofe ‘Ghana 2Pac’ Dies

But he chose to keep going with the show and got very emotional while on stage. At the show’s end, including a set about his late mother, he told the audience that his father had died three hours earlier. He broke down in tears on stage. He got a standing ovation from the crowd.


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