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Watch: YouTubexYesu Video viral on Twitter!!!

Social media has become a big part of our lives, and sites like Twitter let us connect with people worldwide. But the internet is only sometimes happy, and people’s posts often start fights. One example is the YouTubexYesu film, which has been making headlines on Twitter.

Even though the video itself might not be controversial, the person who posted it, RealxYesu, has been sharing content that is unsafe for work (NSFW), raising eyebrows. This article will discuss the controversy surrounding YouTubexYesu, RealxYesu’s tweets, and their 65.4K fans. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

Who is YouTubexYesu, and what is this video about?

YouTubexYesu is a Twitter person who has been there since May 2022. The user’s real name is RealxYesu, and on the site, they follow eight people and are followed by 65,4K people. Also Read – Watch: Cat Blender Video Twitter Viral on social media

The short clip of a cat playing with a piece of cloth went viral and made YouTubexYesu famous shows the cat. Even though the video isn’t dangerous, the person who made it has received much attention for all the wrong reasons.

RealxYesu has sent out 143 tweets, many of which are inappropriate for work. Users are worried about the user because they have been sharing s#xu@lly explic*t content.

Even though Twitter’s rules allow NS*W material, people can still report it if they find it offensive or wrong. But some people have said that RealxYesu’s tweets are not only not safe for work but also meant to trick people. Also Read – Watch: Viral Video of Celina Powell and Lil Meech

What are YouTubexYesu and RealxYesu doing?

The YouTubexYesu movie that went popular might seem harmless, but the controversy surrounding the user who made it is not. People are worried that RealxYesu’s tweets are being used to exploit weak people. Also Read – Who is Skai Jackson? Her leaked video on Twitter and Reddit

Some people have said that RealxYesu’s tweets hurt people who are already on the outside and being mistreated. Some Twitter users have also been angry that Twitter hasn’t done anything about RealxYesu’s tweets.


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