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Watch Pramugari video Viral: Why going Pramugari Viral?

Pramugari, or female flight attendants, are crucial for ensuring people are safe and comfortable on trips. They are trained experts who know how to deal with customers, talk to them, and know what to do in different situations. But recent events in Indonesia have made people question how pramugari acts.

A video of a pramugari doing something s#xu@l in an airplane bathroom has gone viral, making people angry and asking questions about using technology correctly and about privacy rights. This article will explain pramugari and why a recent event has become popular. It will also answer some often-asked questions and list the best planes in Indonesia. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to learn about the most recent news!!!!!

Who is Pramugari?

The name for flight attendants in Indonesia is “pramugari.” They are in charge of ensuring everyone on an airplane is safe and happy. These people have been trained in many things, like first aid, how to get out of a building in an emergency, and customer service.

To be a pramugari, you must be good at talking to people, have an excellent attitude, and stay calm when things get tough.

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A video of a pramugari doing something s#xu@l in the bathroom of an airplane has gone viral in Indonesia. The video, which was first shared on Twitter, shows the woman doing s#xu@l things to herself while she is dressed. The public was angry about what happened, which led the cops to find the woman and chase after her.

Because of the video, people have also discussed what pramugari are meant to do and how they should act while on duty. Many people have said that this kind of behavior is not appropriate for someone in this job because it breaks the trust and respect that customers have for them.

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People have also considered privacy and how technology has been used since the event. The video was put on the Internet without the pramugari’s knowledge or permission. This has led to conversations about how important it is to protect privacy rights and use social media intelligently.

People have talked a lot about the event in the news, and the woman involved has been watched and attacked. It serves as a warning that all jobs, including pramugari, must be done professionally and honestly.

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Being a pramugari is an admirable and challenging job that requires a lot of professionalism and commitment. The most recent bad behavior by a pramugari shows how important it is for all professions to act ethically and use technology responsibly.


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