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Watch Antonio Brown’s Snapchat story with a girl went viral

Antonio Brown, a former NFL player, has been in the news for all the wrong things. The Snapchat team says that the former player has been putting explic*t pictures on his page, which is against the rules because Snapchat is a clean platform. Even though these pictures posted online include explic*t content and other things, Brown was in the news before when he started posting photoshopped and detailed pictures online. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!!!!

Antonio Brown’s Post on Snapchat

The mother of his children replied that she had reported his page because the pictures weren’t supposed to be shared. Reports say this happened this week when Brown decided to post photos of his ex-girlfriend online. He is said to have done this on his Snapchat page. After the incident, the Snapchat team said that Brown’s account had been suspended.

Antonio Brown’s Snapchat story and photos with a girl have gone viral.

In this video, there was explic*t content, and these videos went viral in no time. Chelsie Kryiss is the woman in this video. In the video, she was getting physical with brown and was shown in the video. Kyriss raises Brown’s four kids. He had also made fun of a football player and his wife on social media. In the video, Kyriss can be seen having oral s*x with Brown in his bed while the payee records.

It doesn’t look like the video was shared soon after it was recorded, and Brown and Kyriss are no longer together, so the video might have been recorded a while ago.

When asked about these photos and videos, Kyriss said she was shocked when she saw the video, but she said she told Brown about it as soon as she saw it. She said that she feels terrible for Brown’s kids who follow him because they would have seen things they weren’t supposed to see.

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Wikipedia and Bio of Antonio Brown

She also said that Brown’s kids are used to seeing him as someone to look up to. Kyriss also said she disagrees with Brown’s actions because he does them in front of kids. Brow didn’t clarify things or apologize for sharing the content without the people’s permission. He also didn’t try to get away from the controversy.

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It needs to be clarified who the post was for, but he’s done things like this before. As was already said, Brown had posted similar pictures online before, and he didn’t say sorry. Brown also posted some photos and made fun of football player Tom Brady in November last year.

While Brown posted a picture of Brady’s ex-wife online that was NSFW and had the face of Brady’s ex-wife photoshopped onto a n@k*d woman’s body.

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This picture was shared out of the blue, and as we’ve already said, Brown didn’t explain why, and he also didn’t say sorry to the woman. When asked why he does these things online, Brown said he didn’t mean to make fun of Tom’s girl and that people don’t get what he was trying to say.


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