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Wamiqa Gabbi is currently the subject of a great deal of controversy, in addition to receiving a great deal of attention on the internet’s websites. She is a well-known Punjabi and Hindi actress in India who has appeared in a number of films.

A espionage thriller film titled Khufiya was released in India on Thursday, October 5, 2023. The film was in the Hindi language. She was seen in this movie portraying the part of Ali’s wife, and she did a performance in her pants to the popular song “Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani.”

Recently, a music video in which she was seen dancing was distributed on the internet, and many people’s attention was drawn to her performance as a result of this. She has dominated the internet by her best performance thanks to the film’s daring and seductive moments that she appeared in.

A great number of people who admire her are looking forward to watching this movie and seeing how she acts in it. She has garnered a considerable amount of praise for her work.

She gained a lot of attention after playing alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh and Amrinder Gill in the Punjabi film “Tu Mera 22 Mai Tera 22.” To learn more about Wamiqa, swipe this page up and keep reading the rest of this article.

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The NS#FW Video Starring Wamiqa Gabbi Has Gone Viral

Wamiqa Gabbi was born on September 29th, 1993, and has since established herself as a prominent actor. She is a well-known Indian actress who has appeared in a variety of films and has garnered a significant following from people all over the world.

She made her acting debut with a little part in the Hindi film “Jab We Met” in 2007, and since then she has acted in a number of films. The film Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 (2013), in which she acted alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh and Amrinder Gill, was, nevertheless, her breakthrough performance.

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She has appeared in a number of films, some of which include Ishq Brandy (2014), Nikka Zaildar 2 (2017), Parahuna (2018), Dil Diyan Gallan (2019), and Nikka Zaildar 3 (2019). Continue reading as you have been doing.

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This week saw the release of a movie called Khufiya, in which she was one of the actors. She garnered a lot of attention after the release of this film and the song in which she participated since she was seen dancing in her panties to the hit song “Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani.” Tabu, Ali Fazal, and Ashish Vidyarthi are just a few of the many talents who, while appearing in this movie, all provided excellent performances. This movie is now in theatres, and you can watch it streaming online on the Netflix platform.


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