Vivo TWS A1 is scheduled to be released on February 25

True cordless earbuds are available for purchase from most smartphone manufacturers. Although Vivo is no exception, the company only introduces new models as frequently as some competitors. Also, its earbuds are not widely distributed throughout the world’s marketplaces. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!!

The Vivo TWS and the Vivo TWS Air are examples of the company’s offerings in wireless earphones. Earlier today, the company announced a new series known as the Vivo TWS A.

February 25 will see the introduction of a brand new pair of truly wireless earphones by Vivo in China (Saturday). The official name for these headphones is the Vivo TWS A1. This item will be the first model released by the brand-new Vivo TWS A series. Also Read – Vivo Y56 5G Specifications and Design Leaked Before Launch

The only aspect of the product’s design that has been made public so far by the company is its appearance. The teaser picture suggests that the case’s form factor will be ovular. It will be available in both a white and a black color choice.

On the other hand, the devices will look very much like Apple’s AirPods. As a result of the fact that they are of the semi-in-ear variety, they will not come with ear tips made of silicone. Also Read – Vivo is offering Rs 2,500 cash back for the V25, V25 Pro, Y75, and Y35 in India

The overall design of the Vivo TWS A1 is virtually indistinguishable from that of the Vivo TWS Air from the previous year. The new model may take the position of the older one, or it may have slightly improved specifications but come with a higher price tag.

The initial price of the Vivo TWS Air was 199 yen, equivalent to about $30. As a result, the forthcoming Vivo TWS A1 may be priced similarly or slightly higher. Either way, it ought to be more accessible financially than the expensive Vivo TWS 3 series. Also Read – Introduced vivo smartphone under 15000 Vivo Y35 5G pricing in India

There are still two days until the introduction, so that the company may divulge additional information regarding this product within the next few hours. As soon as that occurs, our followers will receive an update from us.


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