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A video of Katy Perry experiencing eyelid paralysis while performing in Las Vegas has gone viral

Watch Katy Perry’s Eyelid Paralysis During Las Vegas Concert Video Go Viral: Many were astounded and shocked by the bizarre looks Katy Perry made. The singer may be seen in a recent online hit trying to restore her eye to normalcy.

Katy Perry’s fans have been unsure about whether or not everything is okay with her. All of this began when the singer could not close her right eyelid while performing. The incident is currently trending on social media due to a video of Katy Perry from the event that went viral online.

The possibility that Katy Perry’s eye may have been paralyzed is another popular fan theory. Is that correct? There is much more to learn about this story.

Viral video of Katy Perry performing eyelid paralysis

Katy Perry’s eyelid paralyzed during a concert

Her followers have expressed concern for her health since a video of Katy Perry went viral on social media. The singer, though, appears to be in great shape. Her facial paralysis is the subject of several rumors.

A few days ago, a video of internationally recognized singer Katy Perry trying to restore her eye to normalcy was released on Tiktok. She was unsuccessful and eventually had to use her hand to stretch the skin back to its usual state. See more: Alina Becker: Who is she? A video that is trending on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit!

However, online users misinterpreted this clip and began making wild assumptions regarding facial paralysis. Thankfully, Katy Perry is okay.

Viral video of Katy Perry performing eyelid paralysis

The video has, nevertheless, become very popular online. Her clone was glitching, according to a Tiktok user. That’s terrifying, and someone else remarked, “Her robot seems to glitch out frequently. We all know that sassy is a robot. A mf robot is Katy Parry, hehe.

The baby doll you had as a child with the eye that kept closing was mentioned in another amusing comment, and someone else wrote that “she lost the wifi connection.” While many of her admirers expressed their concern for her, others made humorous comments when singer Katy Perry could not open her right eye during a concert. Her residency at the Las Vegas Play was when this incident occurred.


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