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WATCH: Two Men Fight in Delhi Metro Fight video viral on Social Media

People have a lot to say about a recent accident. A video of a fight on a Delhi Metro bus that went popular on social media. As the news gets around internet, more and more people hear about it. We see a lot of movies that have become popular.

So, this is also the same thing. If you don’t know about this news, keep reading this post until the end, where we’ll tell you more about it. Follow our website,, to stay up to date on the most recent news!!!

As everyone knows, every day there are more problems at metro stops. At the metro stop, we’ve seen a lot of wrong things, like couples kissing, making reels, and other bad things.

The people in charge of the subway have done everything they can to make people aware and stop this kind of behavior. The authorities warned travelers many times, but it didn’t help. People need to know that it is their job to make the neighborhood a good place to live. They should do anything that is wrong to do in public.

The video is supposed to show two people getting into a fight and pushing each other. The video was probably taken along the dangerous line between Raja Nahar Singh and Kashmiri Gate. As they try to get the two guys apart, other people on the metro coach may come up and get in the way.

Also, some online users have been angry about the most recent event, and others have asked the metro officials to do something. People are using Twitter to say what they think about what happened.

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A video of a couple enthusiastically kissing on a Delhi metro bus recently went viral on the internet, angering people who use the internet. People have been told many times by the authorities not to act badly in the metro stop. Now, we have to do what they ask.


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