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A criminal accusation has been brought against the model Alexandra Bastidas. It is said that Alexandra Bastidas, who hails from Venezuela, recorded her confidential conversations with customers and clients. Follow our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the most recent news!!!!!

According to reports, the young woman, who is 21 years old, approached the men and demanded money, threatening to release the recordings if they did not comply with her demands.

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The @d*lt video celebrity was taken into custody at Los Hornos Palo Negro in Venezuela after a patron complained to authorities about what was happening at the establishment. The Extortion Investigations Unit of the Scientific, Criminal, and Criminal pr_be Corps was the one who carried out the investigation.

The organization claimed that Bastidas “provided s#xu@l services that she secretly recorded in order to later demand money from the man she was dating.” She would pay him a significant sum or play the movie for many people. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, the government hopes that more people will join the petition.

The s#x worker has advertised her services on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where she has a combined total of 37,000 and 10,000 subscribers, respectively.

According to the publication Excelsior, the model had scribbled “How many of them didn’t get paid?” under some of her more provocative photographs in the past.

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The s#x worker has promoted her services on social media, such as on Instagram, where she has 37,000 followers, and on Facebook, where she has 10,000 followers.

The magazine Excelsior said that the model had written “How many of them didn’t get paid?” under some of her racy shots in the past.


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