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Watch: TN Teacher Getting Pepper Sprayed By Student on Social Media

Recently, a video about a student who did something no one expected her to do over something so small went viral on the Internet. When people found out about the movie, they all went online to learn more about it.

Since the film have already been shared on social media, everyone is looking for them on the Internet. People also commented on the movie about how they felt about the female students in it. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

Since May 5, 2023, a video of a student at a high school in Antioch, Tennessee, spraying a teacher twice with pepper spray has gone popular on Reddit.

The student sprayed the teacher with pepper spray after the teacher took the student’s phone. A Reddit user named @Lazy_Mouse3803 posted the video and said the student was “texting and Googling answers for her school work” when the teacher took away her phone.

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The person also said that this was the second time a student physically hurt a teacher. Two months ago, when a different student was caught stealing, the same teacher got hit in the face after taking the student’s phone. The user said things like this often happen at this Antioch high school.

The conversation in the post shows that the student in question is an adult. Internet users who were angry about the news said that she “straight up assaulted” the teacher. As the video got more views on the Internet, people were shocked by how the teachers at Antioch High School were treated.

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People talked about ways to help teachers and reduce the number of kids who bring phones to school. Cybernauts also asked if it was okay for the student to carry pepper spray to class.

They told her that she would have to pay for the teacher’s punishments if she used it if they thought she was old enough.

Even though pepper sprays don’t kill people, they can hurt people. They are sold as self-defense sprays that can be used against attackers. Medical News Today says they have an oil form called capsaicin that makes you feel pain.

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The capsaicin in chili peppers is what makes them taste so spicy. It burns, hurts, and makes people cry when it gets into the eyes. It is dangerous because it can cause temporary blindness, wheezing, shortness of breath, fear, blisters or burns on the skin, dizziness, and even losing consciousness.


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