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TikTok Star Jehane Thomas passed away at 30

Jehane Thomas, who was famous on the app TikTok, died suddenly on March 17 at the age of 30. The influential person had a disease called optic neuritis and had terrible headaches for a few months. For more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

Thomas made a number of TikTok videos about her fight against the sickness. Last Wednesday, she shared a video from the hospital in which she said she was going to have surgery the next day.

Her friends told her it was true that Thomas had died. A few days before the terrible thing happened, the TikToker posted on Instagram to say that she had been diagnosed with optic neuritis, a disease that makes the eye’s optic nerve swell. Also Read – Nakia Strozier’s death: how? Strozier Died in an Accident!

“A few months ago, I was told I had Optic Neuritis. For almost 2 years, I had been told my migraines were caused by worry. They then thought I had MS, but that was ruled out (for now), but now the pressure in my head truly knocks me off my feet.”

On TikTok, Jehane had more than 67,000 fans. On March 15, she put up her last video, in which she talked about being in the hospital for a week and having surgery soon. She wrote in the video’s description, “I am still waiting to go down for surgery.”

“They didn’t do it last week because giving me drinks would have fixed the problem. I’ve had 4 liters of water and my head hurts like hell this morning. I’m waiting to see if I can take one of my Frovatriptans before surgery because nothing else is helping with this pain.” Also Read – Gladys Ricart Wedding Death Video Viral on Twitter & Reddit

“Or if I have to wait it out and hope that the surgery will help right away. Because I can’t walk and can’t lift my head up without feeling sick, I have to be pushed everywhere. “That’s how bad this pain is,” Thomas went on.

Alyx Reast, who was friends with the TikTok star, has set up a GoFundMe to pay for her funeral and help her kids. The campaign page says, “Even though she had migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her death was totally unexpected, and we are all so sad.” Also Read – Woo Lotti Stabbing Video Viral On Social media – What Took Place

“I started this page to try to raise money so that her two beautiful boys can have the best childhood possible, make memories, and be comfortable. Nothing will bring the boys’ mother back, but we hope it will help her family feel better to know how much they are loved and cared for.”


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