TikTok and Candy Crush both banned on government devices in France

France has banned “recreational” apps like TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, and Candy Crush from the devices of government workers. This is because privacy issues could risk both employees and the government’s data. The office of Minister of Public Service Stanislas Guerini made the news.

Even though the government hasn’t given a complete list of banned apps, Guerini said there might be some exceptions for apps needed for contact. The ban immediately goes into action, but the punishments for breaking it will be decided at the “managerial level.” Personal devices are not affected by the rules. (yet).

The reason for the ban has nothing to do with the fact that other countries are worried about the Chinese government collecting data from TikTok. Instead, it shows a broader worry that apps for fun could put government data at risk. The strategy doesn’t focus on any one country or type of app. Also Read – How does Google Assistant work? Here’s the guide you need to get started

France’s move comes after the US federal government, dozens of states, Canada, the European Commission, and the UK all banned TikTok for the same reason: they were worried that the Chinese government could collect information about significant people, spread propaganda, and force TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to give up sensitive information.

TikTok has said that it does not work with the Chinese government and that by the end of this year’s movement project, staff in other countries will be unable to access data about American users. Also Read – Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+ Design revealed through Leaked Photos

The French ban may be bad news for workers who want to use these apps during lunch, but it could give politicians peace of mind if they are worried that employees might accidentally share information on their social media accounts.

It is still unclear how strictly the ban will be implemented and what, if any, punishments will be given to those who break it.


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