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Watch: Taylor Frankie Paul Arrest Video on Social Media

Taylor Frankie Paul, a Tiktok celebrity, is in trouble after a video of her arrest goes viral online. This jaw-dropping video circulating on Twitter and Reddit reveals the aftermath of an incident in which she allegedly struck her daughter with a chair she threw. Join us as we delve further into this enthralling tale that has everyone chatting! Follow our website to find out the latest news!!!

Paul was detained on February 17 and charged with felony domestic violence in the presence of a child, aggravated assault, child abuse, and criminal mischief. Her scheduled hearing is for April 14.

In the video, Paul is seen standing outside her residence and telling police that a fight occurred when Mortensen refused to transport her to a concert after she became intoxicated while out with friends.

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She told the police, “I am emotionally hurt.”

At the time, the couple had been dating for approximately six months. Mortensen stated in the video that Indy was her “greatest concern” and that she felt “so bad” for him.

The video depicts Paul stating to police that her 2-year-old son Ocean was asleep upstairs at the time of the incident.

She added that she “pooped her pants” because she was “so terrified” of Mortensen.

The residence floor was examined for “multiple metal chairs and other household items” Mortensen told police that he believed he had broken a finger and injured his elbow and was “a little scared for my life.” He also reported minor damage to his vehicle.

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Please remain seated, people! A popular TikTok user, Taylor Frankie Paul, has found herself in a perplexing and controversial predicament. On Twitter and Reddit, video footage of her detention has surfaced, sparking heated discussions online. This blog post will examine the alleged incident where Taylor hurled a chair at her daughter out of frustration.

As startling video footage of Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest surfaces on Twitter and Reddit, social media is ablaze with breaking news. The incident, in which the woman inadvertently struck her daughter with a chair she threw, has sparked numerous reactions and heated online debates.

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Explore this blog post to learn the specifics of this jaw-dropping event and join the discussion surrounding one of the most recent viral phenomena.


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