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Sofia the Bad Girl and her dog in a video on Twitter and Reddit

Twitter and Reddit have posted a video of Adalyn Gonzalez’s dog Sofia, a bad girl. Right now, the video is viral on Twitter and TikTok, and everyone is shocked by what happens in it. We will discuss Sofia the Baddie Dog’s tape and how to watch it.

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Sofia the Baddie shared a video on TikTok of her having fun with her dog. Even though she only has about 3,000 TikTok followers, her puppy video quickly went viral, and now everyone is talking about it. Follow our website, Viralstimes, for the latest news!!!!!

People say that the second part of the Sofia the Baddie Dog movie exists and has been posted on Reddit.

In the video Sofia, the Baddie dog, a girl, and her dog play.
Someone responded to this on Twitter by writing:

Because one wasn’t enough, he said, “My TikTok sources say that the bad guy has posted part two somewhere.”

Sofia, The video of the bad dog was posted on Twitter by “AdalynGonzalez4”. But his account has been closed.

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Even though the AdalynGonzalez4 video was removed from Twitter, some people who downloaded it are now telling other Twitter users that they can send the video through Direct Messages.

We can’t post the video for this story, but we can link you to the full video on Reddit.

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