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Sheila Livingston, ‘Twin Cities’ theatre legend and Minnesotan, Obituary at age 93

Sheila Livingston, a 93-year-old theatre icon in the “Twin Cities,” passed away: Sheila Livingston, a seasoned artist, passed away, and the Guthrie Theater is grieving. The sources state that Sheila Livingston recently died after living for 93 years. Additionally, the Guthrie Theater broke the terrible news on October 5, 2022, the day after she passed away.

People are wondering what Sheila Livingston’s cause of death was or what caused her to die now that she has been declared deceased. What Guthrie Theater said upon Sheila Livingston’s passing is covered below on

Sheila Livingston, a theatre icon and a member of MN, passed away

Sheila Livingston pass away

According to the source, Guthrie Theater paid Sheila Livingston some compliments on Facebook. According to the Guthrie Theater family, she was a cherished member of the Guthrie Theater family and a theatre world legend.

As a result, we cannot reveal the exact reason for her passing, but she likely had several health problems as she grew older. It’s conceivable that Sheila Livingston died naturally. Nevertheless, more information will be provided regarding Sheila Livingston’s cause of death soon.

She was a fervent supporter of the arts, which is not disputed. The younger generation was significantly biased in her favor. She was one of the most significant figures in the history of the Guthrie Theater and the theatre world.

According to the accounts, she was loved and liked by those in the theatre sector where she worked and by individuals from other theatres in the city, including directors, actors, designers, ushers, and box office staff.

It is believed that Sheila Livingston’s work influenced everyone who worked with her. Sheila Livingston worked for Pef Projects, Inc. for a total of six years, according to the data.

For 39 years, from 1971 to 2010, Sheila Livingston served as the Guthrie Theater’s Director of Relations. Sheila Livingston later attained the position of Director of Artistic Relations. Our deepest sympathies are with her family at this difficult time, and we send our best wishes.

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