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RIP: TikTok rapper Yung Hashtag died at age 27

The TikTok rapper Yung Hashtag is no longer with us. The musician, whose real name was Michael Burns, has died tragically. He died at the age of 27.

For those of you who don’t know, let us tell you that Yung Hashtag was best known for songs like “Hate Hashtag,” “Make a Move,” and “Off the Clock.” He released his album WhoPoppin in the year 2020. Follow Viralstimes to find out what caused the death of the TikTok rapper.

The news about Yung Hashtag’s sudden death came out on January 15, 2023, a Sunday. Kastro MN’Sota, a friend and fellow TikTok star, confirmed that Yung Hashtag had died. Yesterday, he shared a video to demonstrate the bad news.

In the TikTok video, Kastro said, “I want to be the one to come out and say that [Yung Hashtag] tragically died. I don’t know any details.” He said, “If you watch our content, we go back, and we’ve built a relationship as brothers through this app.”

He said, “He was one of the most humble people I’ve ever met,” and asked people to “go show his page some love.” Show his people that he was cared for.” At the moment, we don’t know what happened to the TikTok rapper.

Since joining the video-sharing platform TikTok in 2017, he has built a loyal fan base of more than 500k followers on the forum. His social media posts have received more than 12 million likes. Also Read – Lieuwe Westra Death Reason? Former Cyclist Lieuwe Westra Passed Away

Yung Hashtag song “Double Cup” a few days ago

Yes, you read that right. Yung Hashtag released the music video for his song Double Cup nearly two days ago. In the video, the rapper is seen getting on a bus and going to a fast-food restaurant. There are also brightly colored shots of him rapping the lyrics.

When Yung’s hashtag died, the song Double Cup had more than 4,000 views. On the day the music video came out, he posted a trailer for the song on Instagram.

Then a user wrote, “R.I.P. Another TikToker tragically died. R.I.P., #YungHashtag” A fan took to Twitter and wrote, “This can’t be real.” Also Read – Why did Devin Willock die? CCTV Video Shows Football Player Devin Willock‚Äôs Car Crash

Yung Hashtag’s friends and family are in our thoughts and prayers while he is going through a hard time. Let his soul rest in peace. Remember to check back with us for the latest news from the entertainment world.


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