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RIP: Famous YouTuber Slick Goku Passes Away

Slick Goku, a YouTuber renowned for his short skits and animation videos, has died. He passed away in the presence of his family on Thursday, January 19, 2023. The social media following of Goku, whose valid name was Reggie Groover, was enormous.

Friends, relatives, and the community of content creators are shocked by the YouTuber’s untimely death. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!!

Slick Goku, a YouTuber, has died.

The YouTuber’s family has now established a GoFundMe page to meet funeral expenses. “Reggie’s spirit was inventive. He worked carefully to develop his videos and his own YouTube community. Everywhere Reggie went, he made friends. Reggie was the type of man that supported those he cared about.

“Reggie is a trustworthy, self-improvement-focused individual. Reggie took pleasure in living life to the fullest. He enjoyed running, swimming, and skating. Reggie likes juice and consumes it daily. Janice Groover, Reggie’s mother, wrote that when Reggie and his grandfather went fishing together, Reggie gained valuable life lessons from his grandfather. Also Read – What killed Alan Komissaroff? Fox News Media SVP Dies at 47

2018 marked the launch of Slick Goku’s YouTube channel.

Groover gained notoriety for his Slick Goku-themed short animation and voice-over films. On December 1, 2018, he launched his YouTube channel, and before the end of the year, he had 2,64,000 subscribers. Over the past four years, he has uploaded 591 videos to his YouTube account, garnering over 43 million views.

The final video on his channel was posted on January 18, a day before he passed away. The title of his last video is “Eren Jaeger Meets Optimus Prime [SFM].” Groover has an extensive following on Twitter as well. He joined the platform in January 2016 and quickly gained over 9,000 followers. Also Read – New York Times reporter and editor Gwen Knapp died at age 61

As the news of Groover’s passing spread, his friends and fans began expressing their shock and paying him honor.


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