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WATCH: Reza Tsaghati Video Viral on Reddit and Twitter

Because of her viral video, Reza Tsaghati’s name has been circulating around the internet, and she is currently a topic of conversation on many social media platforms. An official in the ultra-conservative Islamic nation of Iran has been removed from his position as a result of a scandal involving gay s#x. The Iranian government has denied having any previous knowledge of the issue. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Reza Tsaghati, the head of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Gillan Province, was sent on administrative leave one week ago when it was reported that a video showed him having s*x with another man. At the moment, there are a lot of individuals who are curious to learn everything there is to know about the news.

Since the video began spreading rapidly throughout social media platforms, an uncountable number of people’s reactions have been making headlines on the internet.

A great number of people are quite surprised. According to the story, the government employee who is being charged is a man who can be seen having s*x with another man in the video that is currently being withheld. Who is the individual in the Iranian government who has been suspended after the s#xu@lly explic#t video went viral? At the moment, a great number of individuals are looking for this news on the internet since they are really interested in learning all of the information that is associated with the story.

The video of Reza Tsaghati has gone viral

The footage has been shared on the Telegram channel that Radio Gillan maintains. As a direct consequence of the scandal, Tsaghati has been removed from his post, despite the fact that the identities of the other males seen in the film have not been formally confirmed.

Additional suspension is warranted as the video may result in server issues for conventional authorities. According to the Islamic Penal Code, engaging in same-s#x relations between two consenting @dul#ts might result in the death penalty.

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Tsaghati was given the position of Director-General of the Culture and Islamic Reporter for the Province of Gilan. In addition to that, he was actively involved in the establishment of a Chastity and Hijab Workshop as well as the founding of a hijab hypermarket.

The event was referred to as a “suspected error of the director of Islamic guidance in Gilan” in a statement that was issued a week ago by the Cultural and Islamic Guidance Department of Gilan. The statement was provided by the Gilan government.

Iran Wire reports that in addition to this directive, a “thought inquiry with the involvement of safety and judicial officers” has been given the green light. The previous month, when stressing “concerns about hijab and chastity in society,” Tsgahti proclaimed that the “promotion and support of a chaste environment should be led and managed by the people.”

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This statement was made in response to Tsgahti’s earlier statement that “concerns about hijab and chastity in society” should be highlighted. This comment was made as a response to the fact that Tsgahti believed that “concerns about hijab and chastity in society” were widespread. This part contains a full disclosure of every piece of information that we were in possession of.


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