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WATCH: Rana Sanaullah Viral Video On Social Media

People on the internet have been going crazy ever since Hareem Shah said something horrible about Rana Sanaullah. Is she communicating with you in any way? People in India and Pakistan started hunting for his le@k#d video all of a sudden after hearing what Hareem Shah had to say about Rana Sanaullah after they had heard his comments.

The video that Rana Sanaullah posted went viral, and users of social media went absolutely bananas trying to watch it. It’s possible that a lot of questions come to mind when you think of the battle that took place between Hareem Shan and Rana Sanaullah. Follow our website to find out the latest news!

Rana Sanaullah Le@k#d Video

A recent statement made by Hareem Shah on Rana Sanaullah contained a startling admission. On the other side, Hareem Shah is notorious for being in the press for all of the wrong reasons. This fact is well-known.

This time, she contacted Rana Sanaullah, who is the minister of the interior, due to the fact that the country is having problems connecting to the internet. As a result of the arrest of Imran Khan, mobile internet service throughout the country was disrupted, and citizens staged demonstrations in a variety of locations across the nation.

Hareem Shah was one of the people who took part in the demonstrations against the detention of the previous prime minister. She just recently fired out a series of tweets in which she criticized the country’s interior minister Rana Sanaullah for being to blame for an internet outage that affected the entire nation.

Rana Sanaullah has indicated that she will upload the footage of Rana Sanaullah to the internet in the event that the internet is not repaired. You did read that sentence correctly.

Because of this, the video of Rana Sanaullah that was le@k#d has been the subject of discussion worldwide. Hareem Shah threatened to publish Rana Sanaullah’s footage if the government did not make the necessary improvements to the internet within a predetermined amount of time.

However, Hareem Shah did not specify which Rana Sanaullah records or films she was referring to in her statement. It was enough, though, to start a heated discussion on social media and send users scurrying to locate the footage that Rana Sanaullah had le@k#d.

However, there are many who believe Hareem Shah’s warning is nothing more than a publicity ploy and dismiss it as such. There are some people who are holding out hope that Hareem Shah’s warning may convince the authorities to address the internet situation in the country.

It should come as no surprise that Haree Shah is regarded as a contentious public figure in the nation. As a result of her le@king footage of former friends and acquaintances, she is often referred to as a troublemaker.


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