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Olivia Taylor Dudley’s information viral on Twitter

Olivia Taylor Dudley is an American actress who has been in movies and TV shows like Chernobyl Diaries, CSI: Miami, Arrested Development, and Chillerama. for more information visit on Viralstimes!!!

Who is Olivia Taylor?

American actress Olivia Taylor Dudley is from the U.S. She is famous for her roles in horror movies like Chernobyl Diaries (2012), The Vatican Tapes (2015), and Paranormal Exercise:

The Ghost Dimension (2015). She has also been on TV shows like “The Magicians” and has been a part of the online sketch group “5-Second Movies.”

In the 2012 thriller Chernobyl Diaries, she made her first appearance in a serious movie. In 2013, she played Angela Holmes, a victim of demonic possession, in the drama film The Vatican Tapes. Her performance was praised by Nicholas Rapold, a critic for The New York Times.

Chillerama, Paranormal Exercise: The Ghost Dimension, Dumbbells, The Barber, and Dude Bro Celebration Bloodbath III are some of Dudley’s other well-known movies.

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He has been on CSI: Miami and Arrested Development, among other shows. In August 2015, she was moved up to the role of Alice in The Magicians, a drama/fantasy series on Syfy. In 2016, Dudley was a guest star on the TV show Aquarius with David Duchovny.


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