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New York Times reporter and editor Gwen Knapp died at age 61

According to news on the Internet, Gwen Knapp, a well-known sports reporter, died recently at age 61. She was a famous athlete and sports writer. She is no longer one of his close friends; she died on Friday. Recently, the news came out on the internet and quickly spread through social media.

Now, everyone on social media platforms is saddened by her death. People are very interested in Gwen Knapp and how she died right now. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news!!

Gwen Knapp Died Because

The news says that Gwen Knapp, who was very well-known, died recently at 61. Since her death, information about it has been posted on the internet, and many people are shocked by it. A lot of people want to know why she died right now. Also Read – Pro wrestler Jay Briscoe from Ring of Honor died at the age of 38

She died on January 20, 2023, a Friday in Manhattan. Her death was caused by lymphoma. The news of her death shocked and hurt a lot of people.

What did Gwen Knapp do?

Gwen Knapp was a well-known sports reporter and columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Francisco Chronicle. Most recently, she was an editor on the sports desk of The New York Times. She wrote about sports for nearly 30 years.

In 1995, she started writing about sports. At the time, she was one of only a few women in the country to have that title. She wrote a lot about Bonds, too. She was a very respected woman who got many people’s attention. Also Read – Italian Movie Star Gina Lollobrigida died at 95

Susan Knapp McClements, Gwen Knapp’s sister, has reportedly confirmed that she has died. She was a kind, amazing woman who would be missed by her family, friends, and people who cared about her.

Since her death was announced on the internet, many people have been shocked. No one thought we would have to hear about it. Many people have used social media to send their condolences to her family and pay tribute to her. Also Read – RIP: TikTok rapper Yung Hashtag died at age 27


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