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WATCH: Moyo Lawal viral video on social media!!!

People have been posting a video that was illegally obtained of the well-known Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal with a man that they are not familiar with on Reddit and Twitter. The celebrity didn’t appear to be bothered by all the attention that was being directed towards her because she kept up her regular schedule of posting on Instagram.

She has been talking about her new part in the movie “Chameleon” rather than the video recently. This post immediately received more than 6,000 comments, the most majority of which were regarding the video that was compromised.

On social media, some users downplayed the significance of what had occurred, while others voiced their support for Moyo. During this time, other prominent personalities like as Mimi Orjikwe, Nina Ivy, Bobrisky, and Moet Abebe, as well as many others, stood with the actor and offered words of comfort and support to her.

Moyo has not responded to these comments or any of her earlier posts, and her silence may be able to tell us something about how she is currently feeling. She remarked, “Love is the one and only miracle that I continue to have faith in.”

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This occurred a few hours before the video was shared widely on the internet. When it comes to love and dreams, I believe that nothing is out of the question. “

As of Saturday, when the video was first posted online, users of various social networking sites have begun commenting on it, sharing their perspectives on the events that occurred place. However, the actress decided not to speak out and instead continued to post things on social media that had nothing to do with what was occurring.

The responses from the fans were varied. John Joshua has been quoted as saying, “Many celebrities have been le@king their nudes for publicity and connections we don’t know about.” Tina Omovo, on the other hand, was irate and expressed her frustration by stating, “You celebrities should be role models for your viewers.”

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No matter how divisive the subject of s#xu@lity may be, Moyo has never expressed an opinion on the matter. “I am known for my stance on s#x, it can’t be the reason to bring me down,” she stated. “It can’t be the reason to bring me down.”

As another line of defence, she stated, “No matter what I’ve done, I’m not as bad as people think I am,” in response to the allegations that she was a bad person.

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She eventually published a statement on her account @moyolawalofficial stating that she was not the woman portrayed in the video and urging her followers to refrain from spreading rumours and misinformation about her.


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