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Morgan Wallen’s ex-girlfriend Katie Smith was injured in a car mishap

Katie Smith, the ex-girlfriend of Morgan Wallen, was recently in a terrible car accident that left her with bruises and facial swelling. Follow our website Viralstimes to find out about the latest news

Smith was hurt in the accident but not too severely, so she is glad to be alive today.

Morgan Wallen’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child were in a horrible car accident in Nashville, Tennessee, that almost killed her.

Wallen’s ex-girlfriend, KT Smith, posted a photo of the wrecked car in front of a Nashville Fire Department truck on her Instagram story on Thursday, February 23. While she’s thankful to be alive, she was in a scary car accident on Wednesday night, February 22. Also Read – Tom Whitlock’s Demise American Singer-Songwriter Tom Whitlock Died at 68

Smith posted a picture of the car on her Instagram story. She also posted a picture of the “absolutely terrifying” bruising and swelling on the right side of her face, which she said was caused by the injury. She also told her friends and family how much she appreciated their help during this challenging time.

Smith said she was driving the car at the time of the accident. She also said that her face was hurt because of the accident. She told one Instagram user, “I can’t walk on my right side. Some semi ran a red light and ran us over,” Smith said. Also Read – The Alo Bandz? Fans mourn the shooting death of a San Diego rapper

“Since I’m posted up right now, I just want to say that as scary as last night was, it was so beautiful,” Smith wrote in an Instagram story she posted on Thursday. “With sweet friends and family around, all the love and support, and being alive after every doctor who walked by said, “They shouldn’t be alive, and he definitely shouldn’t be alive,” it could have been so much worse.
Caden McGuire, Smith’s friend, was also in the car.

The tags on Smith’s post say that her friend Caden McGuire was also in her car when it crashed. He says this is true on his own Facebook page. There, he put up a picture of the wrecked car and a picture of himself with bandages next to the wrecked vehicle.

Katie Smith and Morgan Wallen had on-and-off relationships.

Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith, whose fans call her “KT,” are thought to have started dating between 2017 and 2018. At the beginning of their relationship, they were both on each other’s social media feeds. However, they broke up just as Wallen’s music career started taking off.

Even though Wallen and Smith seemed to be single, they had their son, Indie Wilder, in July 2020, even though they appeared to be single. Smith has also talked openly about how she and Wallen first became close and why it was so hard for them to split up after having a child.

The story of Smith and Wallen’s relationship starts with spending a lot of time together, dating, and getting engaged after only a few months. In the end, though, Smith’s relationship with the aspiring country music star worsened. Also Read – RIP: Former Sports Presenter Dickie Davis Cause Of Death, How Did He Die?

When Katie Smith was in a horrible car accident, it seemed like the worst had happened. But somehow, she could walk away from the accident with only bruises and swelling. It’s almost a miracle that she lived through this terrible accident.


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