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Miss Pacman Murder Case: Face Cut To Half By Husband Video Gone Viral on Social Media

Miss Pacman’s case is being investigated again, which is breaking news. This story is getting much attention and becoming popular on social media. The murder case of Miss Pac-Man was reopened, which caused a lot of trouble.

Alejandra Ico Chub is another name for Miss Pac-Man. Her murder case from 2018 is now getting a lot of attention on social media. People who read this news are eager to learn the details. Miss Pacman’s husband killed her to death in her bed.

Sources say that Miss Pac-Man passed away on October 29, 2018. On Monday, her husband killed him in their bed. On social media, you couldn’t find out more about Alejandra. Alejandra’s video went popular; after people saw it, they had much to say.

In that popular film, Miss Pacman has a lot of cuts and blood. Also, this terrible video is still on the Internet, and it’s unclear when it will be taken down. On that day, her husband cut off half of her face. People are still trying to determine if Pacman got what was coming to him.

From what I’ve heard, her video with half of her face cut off is causing a big stir. Some people get scared when they watch this movie. Also, Alejandra’s face was cut with a sharp knife. When she called for help after the accident, her neighbor heard her.

She wanted some help. Mario Tut Ical is the name of Alejandra’s partner. After killing Alejandra, he ran away from the scene of the crime. This crime was so terrible. Also, no one knows for sure if she got fair treatment or not. Mario Tut Ical, her husband, cut her face in half.

In Pacman’s viral video, you can see that her partner struck him with a knife when she was in pain and crying out for help. Her face was in two different parts. This is one of the most dangerous movies because it shows someone in bad shape after being attacked.

Her video got a lot of attention after it was shared on Reddit. People were commenting in massive amounts. That hurt Pacman a lot because she died in pain. Alta thought she was cheating on her boyfriend with her partner, so he killed her.

Also, it’s still not known for sure where her husband is. Still, police are looking for her husband. There is no information about Pacman on the Internet. If we find out anything else about this story, we will post it on the same site.


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