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Watch: Mikayla Nogueira’s viral on Twitter TikTok video

An influencer with 13.5 million TikTok fans left the app because she said it was too hard.

Who is Mikaela Nogueira?

This month, a movie that beauty expert Mikayla Nogueira made in 2021 was found again. People are upset about it. In the clip, Nogueira tells the person who told her to “show up to work from 9 to 5” what she thinks about it. Fans aren’t happy with the celebrity’s answer that she works from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Nogueira, a beauty expert, is 24 years old and lives in Boston. She got a degree in Communication from Bryant University. Then other famous people did the same thing, like Lady Gaga, Addison Rae, and Jeffree Star.

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In 2020, after she was fired from Ulta because of the pandemic, the famous person made her TikTok page.

“Every morning at 6 a.m. I spend about 5–6 hours making movies that are 3–4 minutes long, and then I spend a few more hours editing them. PopCrush says that in the deleted video, she said, “Then I have to work on my other social media accounts or whatever.”

A TikToker user named @filtrayascamgueira posted a clip of her saying, “I just got off work, and it’s 5:19. Try to change people’s minds for a day. “Give it a try.” On TikTok, people are now making fun of it.

“I make cups for 12 hours a day. Blessed are you, Mikaela girl! @jackieb_11 wrote in the video’s caption, “Please don’t whine.”

In the video, @thatcrystallover2 said, “I’d love to be a Mikayla influencer for a day.” “Because I worked two jobs from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. while you were sitting in a $1 million house and telling people lies about makeup. I was able to pay my rent and buy food this way.

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“It’s too bad that Mikayla Nogueira is just another unorganized activist like all the others. @fleurmeme22 wrote, “She complains about how hard her job is, but most of us only make enough to get by, and some of us work 12 hours and still can’t pay the bills.”


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