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WATCH: Mehwish Hayat TikTok viral video on Social Media

Mehwish Hayat’s film is getting a lot of attention. People are looking for the movie on the internet because they want to see it. What can you see on the video? This post will tell you everything you need to know about the stolen video of Mehwish Hayat. Join our website, Viralstimes, to find out about the most recent news!!!!!

A video of Mehwish Hayat that went popular on TikTok

Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actor who is known all over the world. After her first role in the comedy show Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, she became well-known. She was also given a chance in Hollywood. Load Wedding and Punjab Nahi Jaugi are two of her most well-known movies.

She has also worked on the television series Dil Lagi. Reports say that the tape makes people worried about three actresses and some people in the Pakistani military. In the tape, her cleavage was shown, which has caused trouble in the past. The le@kd video of Mehwish Hayat and this story have made people want to know more about her.

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Reports say that the above-mentioned women have ties to army troops. A video that was also shared showed them talking to each other. It spread the topic across the internet like flames.

Most of the stories were about Mehwsh Hayat. People say that this is because fake pictures have been going around for a long time. While the picture and video are said to be fakes. It doesn’t make sense.

Mewish Hayat’s video was le@k#d

Reports say that Mewish Hayat’s movie has been shared on the Internet for almost three years. When the video was linked to a Pakistani military figure named Major Adil Raja, the way people saw it changed. After that, even more people began to back it.

When the video went viral and Kubra Khan, Mahira Khan, and Sajal Ali were in it, it caused a lot of debate. People talked about it on social media and on the app TikTok.

It’s based on some false reports that made most people think the video was real. Some accounts say that Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, and Mehwish Hayat are “honey-trapping” politicians. Adil, a retired member of the Pakistani military, says that this is true.

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Trolls used the comment as an excuse to harass all of them. Sajal Aly has said that she is sad about this moral fall while she was getting dressed. Kubra Khan says that the video tape is a fake. She says that he has been told he has three days to take the video down. If he didn’t do it, he’d be charged with slander. She has criticised him for saying these things about them.


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