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WATCH: Manipur woman paraded viral video without blur!!

People on the Internet are searching for the original link to the Manipur video. Videos of two ladies parading naked around the streets of Manipur got extremely viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Two months after the incident, a video from Manipur showing two Kuki women being paraded in their trousers while being s#xu@lly harassed went viral online. As a result, political figures are now demanding severe punishment for those who are involved for the incident.

In addition, the national government would severely penalize Twitter for publishing the heinous act that was done out by the mnas in Manipur, who are devoid of any humanity.

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On May 4, 2023, a disgraceful act that has diminished the dignity of India and brought shame upon our country was recently published onto the internet and was searched for by millions of people all over the world. The village of B Phainom, located in the Kangpokpi area, was the site of a terrible accident that took place on May 4.

Both the Meiteis and the Kukis, who live in Manipur, have been known to engage in violent conflict with one another. The disagreement is a direct result of the Meiteis’ request to participate in the ST class as a community, which was denied by the class. The tales state that a group of peasants ran upon a gang while they were searching for safety in the adjacent woods.

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After that, it was explained to three of the group’s girls that they needed to disrobe in front of the guys and move around in the open while they were being harassed by the others.

As soon as people began to speak out against the behavior, one of the three women’s brothers was brutally murdered right there and then. Even more worrisome is the fact that the offenders uploaded the footage of the incident in Manipur to the internet after they had committed the sin.

There were millions of people who downloaded it before the government of Manipur gave directives to make using the internet illegal in the state. People are getting more and more impatient to see the perpetrators expose the identities of the victims and distribute the frightening footage that went viral in Manipur.

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A number of prominent political personalities, including the honorable Prime Minister Modi, have voiced their disapproval of the Manipur Paraded viral video. Prime Minister Modi stated that the act had brought shame to the entirety of the nation.

He warned that the accused would not get away without being punished and encouraged all of the chief ministers in the state to ensure that law and order was maintained. He continued by warning that anybody who broke the law will face serious punishments under the law.


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